Mint Error Coins

Errors and varieties are classified by three divisions to help define when and how they occur. Listed below are the three divisions. Choose which you think applies to your error or variety coin by clicking the link or image, or use the search feature.

Planchet Division

Rolled In Metal

Defective Planchet

Alloy Mixture

Plating Issues

Split Planchet


Clipped Planchet


Unstruck Planchet

Incorrect Planchet

Off Metal Planchets

Dual Denomination

Missing Clad Layer

Extra Metal

Improperly Annealed

Sintered Planchet


Burnishing Ball


Roller Marks


Unplated Planchet


Die Variety Division

Doubled Die

Die Cracks


Die Breaks (CUDS)



Die Gouge


Repunched Mint Mark


Omitted Mint Mark


Trail Dies


Worn & Over-Used Die


Shattered Die




Striking Division


Strike Through


Dropped Letter


Capped Die


Multiple Strike


Bonded Multiple Strike


Brokage Strike


Uniface Strike


Collar Die Clash


Broad Strike


Missing Edge Lettering


Die Clash


Die Adjustment  Strike


Misaligned Die


Off Center Strike


Rotated Die


Broken Planchet


Strike Doubling


Feeder Finger  Malfunction